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We started this service since we own a dedicated server that runs the Website As Nograf.Net, we can offer unused space on the server for hosting other websites or to provide email service to you for a low cost. All funds that we receive are donated to the Non Profit to help maintain this server.

Our server is in a secure data center on One Wilshire in Los Angeles.

Our Host provides the following information which should answer any of your questions or hosting concerns:

The datacenters are continuously monitored via video surveillance cameras and 24 hour on-site security personnel. With use of sophisticated two-tier access control systems.

Access to 4th floor, elevators as well as the Datacenters individually is restricted and controlled via HID contact-less access control system (floor access and DC1 and DC2) and Biometric access control systems (DC4). Being the only tenant on the 4th floor limits access to the entire floor provides additional security.


DC1 and DC2 available 2(N+1) power is provided via two active power feeds which are backed up by disel generator. One feed is available from TWO UPS systems which are confiugred in parrallel redundant mode and second feed can be obtained from 3rd indipendent UPS which also provides divergent power to your equipment if requested. Every outlet is connected to smart PDU to minimize downtime due to over utilization and provides remote reboot capablity for servers without built in IPMI.

  • Datacenter 1: 110V, 220V Circuits.
  • Datacenter 2: 110V 20A Circuits.
  • Datacenter One Wilshire: 208V/220V 5A Metered 10A Metered 20A Circuits
  • Datacenter 530 NAC: 208V/220V 5A Metered 10A Metered 20A Circuits
  • Datacenter 4: 208/220V 5A Metered, 10A, 20A Circuits


Both datacenters DC1 and DC2 employ redundant set of 11 HVAC systems which are controlled by software. One set of the HVAC units (Primary Set) utilizes building chilled water and the other set (Secondary Set) utilizes our own dedicated chillers which are on the side of the building and are independent of buildings chilled water supply.

DC4 our newest data center to go online offers new Libert CW cooling systems. Four 20TON units and 2 10TON units cool this data center combined with hot air exhaust. Stackable chiller dedicated to this suite is able to benefit from building Primary chilled water bypass if required for redundancy in case of failure.


The location uses diverse conduit paths to many other carrier buildings in downtown Los Angeles. Redundant Dark fiber between each connected building and divergent path to many of the carrier buildings ensures unsurpassed network reliability at this location